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Generally, if you look at my blog posts you will get a good sense of the topics I most love to talk about … Faith, Love, Unity, Grace, The Abundant Life, Spiritual Transformation and Identity (Regeneration), Redemption, Righteousness, Inheritance, the Indwelling Life of Christ and the Holy Spirit in the Believer, Knowing God, Spiritual Gifts and Callings, and more …

I also truly enjoy speaking on any specific passage of scripture in an exegetical style and can usually accommodate a particular scripture or topic that you feel God is placing on your heart for your audience.

To give you an idea, I have provided below a sampling of messages that I have taught in the past and that are near and dear to my heart.

FAITH – These messages can be combined into a 3 or 4 part series or any one of these message can be done as a stand-alone depending on the needs of the particular event.

Cultivating the Seed of Faith – This message looks at the basic properties of Faith found in scripture. We learn that faith is a gift from God, given to each of us in our own measure. We look at the inherent nature of the Mustard Seed to discover how when faith is sown, cultivated, harvested and sown again, it is like a “malignant weed with dangerous takeover properties.” We take a practical look at how the seed of faith is cultivated in the believer’s life.

The Testing of Your Faith Works – Utilizing the story of the Israelites in the Exodus, we look at how God took people with very little faith and made for Himself a people of faith by leading them into impossible situations where they had to learn to rely on Him. Within their circumstances, He was enabled to reveal to them His true nature and He teaches them to become a people of faith. We look specifically at how God cultivates faith in our own lives as He leads us at times to impossible circumstances where we must learn to let go of human effort and rely on Him alone.

Stepping Out Into the Unknown – Utilizing the story of the Exodus, and the gospel accounts of Jesus call to his disciples to “Follow Him”, I highlight key points to what it looks like to step out in faith when God calls, even when you don’t know the end result or full plan of God. This topic is especially good for a women’s leadership retreat or event, but has broad application points for everyone.

KNOWING GOD  I love to talk about God and his revealed character and attributes through scripture. A couple of messages I have previously done are as follows:

El Roi, The God Who Sees – Through the stories of Hagar and David, we discover an intimate relational God who sees all our failures, disappointments, sin and weakness, those things we think we are hiding from Him. Yet we find that He is a compassionate God of restoration and redemption. In application, we are encouraged to move into a deeper place of relationship with Him and with one another as we lay aside our facades and come to a place of being REAL, while giving others the freedom to do the same.

How Great Is Our God – In this message, we turn the focus of our magnifying lens to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, to the Alpha and the Omega, to the ALMIGHTY ONE. We learn that when we seek to know Him for who He is, our circumstances are seen in the light of Who He is. We learn the specific tactics our enemy uses to distract us from the truth of who God is and we learn how to combat those tactics.

SPIRITUAL IDENTITY AND TRANSFORMATION (REGENERATION) – This particular topic is very near and dear to my heart as it ties directly to the book I have spent the past three years writing. Each of these messages are at the heart of what I feel especially called to teach.

THE PAPER DOLL PRINCESS SERIES –  In this 3-4 part series, I use a romantic and creative approach to illustrate and teach spiritual realities related to the process of spiritual transformation represented in the Bible. In the series, we take a practical look at how we were created in the garden, what we lost due to the fall, and God’s amazing plan to bring back all that was lost through the legal process called Redemption. We identify how and specifically where this process has already begun in us as we become born again new creations of the Most High. We learn to recognize our true identity in Christ as such and how to daily “take off” the old and “put on” that which is new. Synopsis: From the exchange of fig leaves to animal skins in the Garden of Eden, and filthy rags to royal robes of righteousness and a crown of beauty in Revelation, scripture teaches that God has spiritual clothing for every believer which we must learn to actively and deliberately “put on.”  This spiritual clothing is gifted to us by our Father to remind us of the truth of who we are in him and the amazing spiritual transformation that already has begun inside of us when we became born again daughters of the King of Kings. The problem is that too few of us as believers truly understand and accept the realities of our own spiritual transformation. Therefore, we are at a loss for how to wear this amazing new wardrobe. Our spiritual identity is far too often found in what we see in our fleshly mirrors rather than the beautiful mirror of the Word of God that tells us a love story so real and so true that it overwhelms the natural mind.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall – This message is about where we find our True Identity in Christ. We look at three different mirrors in which we might choose to look to discover our identity and the impact of spending time in each; the mirror of the flesh, the mirror of the law and the Mirror of the Spirit. I’ve written a condensed version of this message in my blog Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.  This message is incorporated into the Paper Doll Princess series above but can also be done as a stand alone.

 The Redeemed Of the Lord – This is a condensed version of the story of redemption above which can fit into a 1 or 2 session event and can be made to fit very nicely for a women’s Christmas or Easter event.

It is Finished – This powerful message is one of my favorites. It highlights Christ’s finished work on the cross through His utterance “IT is finished!” – The magnitude and mystery of the word “IT” is truly astounding. In this one word, we find the culmination of all of the Old Testament – the entire law and every prophesy from creation to Christ, pointing to one moment, in one place at one time … pointing to these 3 powerful words “It is Finished!” What is the “it” in the phrase “It is finished?” Using key passages found in Isaiah 53 and Hebrews 9, we learn what Christ accomplished in the Heavenly Tabernacle at the time of His death, burial and resurrection. For more information – Check out my blog entitled The Part of the Resurrection Story Rarely Told. This message is applicable at any time, but makes a particularly strong impact for a Resurrection Weekend (i.e. Easter) event.

INHERITANCE – This is another topic of strong interest for me and directly corresponds to the messages on Redemption and Spiritual Transformation. I like to include a portion of this in the Paper Doll Princess series, but it works well as a stand alone message as well.

Faith for Our Eternal Inheritance – Looking at God’s promises to Abraham, Old Testament prophesies found in Isaiah and Jeremiah, New Testament passages in Matthew, Hebrews and Revelation, we find God’s promises again and again of the future inheritance promised to the saints of God. We see God’s plan of redemption unfold as all that was lost in the garden at the fall is returned and we once again find ourselves in the eternal glory of God’s kingdom.

If you would like to talk to me personally about speaking for your upcoming event, please do not hesitate to contact me or complete our Event Request Form. Currently, I am speaking on a love-offering basis, provided that all expenses for food, lodging, travel and any other associated expenses are covered by the event organizers. I look forward to getting to know you and your ladies and to see what God has planned for your event.


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