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If you have put your full faith and confidence in the work and person of Christ for your salvation, the Bible says you have been brought from death to life. You are a born-again, new creation of the Most Holy God! As such, Christ has an abundant life waiting just for You!

The question is … Are you experiencing this life today to the fullest extent possible or are you satisfied with “just enough?”

Now, I’m not talking about riches, fame, the comforts of this world or even a life free from pain and suffering. The abundant life Christ has for you is far better than any of that. It is a life where you can experience the glory of God. It is a life where you are fully enabled, fully equipped, and fully empowered to participate in divine activity. It is a life of amazing union with your Creator and with other believers beyond your greatest imagination.  It is THE life we were always meant to have before the effects of sin tainted God’s creation and all that is in it.

Are you experiencing THIS LIFE today?

Paper Doll Princess Ministries is arming believers with the gospel-centric truth of our true spiritual identity in Christ enabling us to “take off” the old and “put on” the new so that we can wholly experience THE abundant life we were purposefully designed to live through Christ.




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