Ministry Update 02/21/2012

I thought I would take a few minutes today to provide a brief update on the ministry progress of Paper Doll Princess Ministries. As I shared with you in October, God has lain on my heart to begin preparing for a ministry back in the states when we are done with our tour here overseas. We are in the process of working on our non-profit organization status and hope to have it completed within the upcoming months.

A big part of our ministry plan has been to write a book about what it means to practically walk as a new creation in Christ Jesus. Since October, I have been working diligently on the book and I am now about half way through completing it. My goal is to finish it before my next trip to the states so that we can look into getting it published there and into the market place as soon as possible. As I have said to my husband and other loved ones who have been supporting me on this project, if this book serves no other purpose than for me to personally learn and grow in the word, it will have all been worth it. The journey thus far has been extraordinary. God’s word is life-transforming and never ceases to amaze me.

In addition to writing the book, God has opened multiple opportunities for me to begin preaching the message publicly, thereby “testing the wheels”.  It has been so exciting to see how responsive people are to God’s word.  At the same time, my husband, Rick, is also preaching which has been a wonderful and unexpected surprise in all of this. I am so excited to see how God is moving in his life, stretching him in this way and moving him out to pursue his own gifts and callings by faith. I believe that I am exceedingly blessed with a husband who loves the Lord with all his heart and loves and supports his family so well. He has been such an encouragement to me in persuing this work.

There are so many other things I would like to share with you, but unfortunately I am limited on what I can say at the present time. I would simply like to say that God is good and He has been empowering us by His Spirit to love others in a whole new way. We have been incredibly blessed during this season of our lives and sense His calling and purposes being revealed in us as never before. I look forward to sharing more with you all upon our next trip home.

In the mean time, I ask that you would keep us in your prayers for God’s covering, protection and sovereign will to guide us in the upcoming months.

Many blessings to you all,

Bonny Allen Ibarra,
Founder of PDP Ministries

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  1. Mary, thanks. We’re planning a trip home in June. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  2. Can’t wait to read your book…..when is your next trip home?